Spa Capsule

Alpha 2010 Spa Capsule

Rhanes Spa promotes wellness beyond UV tanning. The Alpha 2010 Spa System is a luxurious environment of effectiveness treatments including weight loss/slimming body wraps, detoxification, toning, moisturizing and relaxation.


Alpha is the worlds most versatile spa capsule. Alpha provides many treatments and benefits that will help you improve your health and change your life.

*Weight loss and metabolic stimulation

*Promotes perspiration and detoxification

*Reduces water retention

*Relax from stress

*Soothes sore muscles

*Burns calories equivalent to a brisk walk

*Enhances deep sleep

*Increase blood circulation

*Relieves Aches and pains

*Cleanse skin and beautifies complexion

*Accelerates recovery after exercise or injury

The massage gift you give yourself soothes, stimulates and conditions all of the human senses simultaneously for the ultimate in sleep health, beauty and relaxation. While wearing comfortable loose clothing, under garments or ALL natural, the capsule encloses you up to your neck in an ergonomically conjured bed where you then get bathed in flowing gentle air…after a few minutes your body starts to experience the relaxation you get from the vibratory massage and the deep back and thigh heat from the pads that help you soothe and relieve muscle aches and pains.

Alpha 2010 features:

*Dry heat (0-180 Fahrenheit)

*Adjustable vibratory massage with ergonomic contour bed

*Aroma / essential oil diffusers

*Cool facial air keeps clients from over heating and feeling claustrophobic

*Stereo sound system with cd player

30 Minute Spa Capsule session

Enjoy this session with or without the wrap. Great for detoxing and jump start your weight loss program. Can be customized for detox, weight loss, pain relief or relaxation.


Inch loss 136

Skin treatment 90

Alpha 2010 heat treatment 60 a month

Single session 20

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