Facial Treatments


V-Line Magic Therapy 

  • V-line magic therapy is a fantastic combination of PDO and Colloidal Gold. PDO thread collagen compensates are absorbed slowly, maximizing lifting effect, improving complexion. Colloidal Gold helps ion action of the skin to make thread collagen components penetrate to deeper layer of the skin. Also combination of Aloe Vera and 24K Gold makes skin moisturized by raising the absorption into deep skin through natural moisturizing factors. 60 minute – $150

02 Lift

  • Provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells to delay the aging of cell, making skin clearer, and radiant. 60 minute -$140


  • Achieve the look of polished perfection without chemicals or machines. These resurfacing tools are made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds to shower your skin by hand and remove the top layer of  the epidermis that is the  dead skin. Ideal for all skin types for smoother, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and even scarring. Most popular and may combine with enzymes for better results ($10 extra) 60 minutes -$120


  • Relieving head pressure do to migraine/tension or sinus pressure, this facial contains essential oils deep breathing, massaging shoulders, neck and face along the pressure points with cold marble stones to reduce swelling. 60 minutes -$110

Add-on treatments are available with facial treatments.

LED mitt -$45

Rejuvenating Legs -$35

Keratin Brow treatment -$65

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