Facial Treatments and Add-ons


Every Tuesday, deep cleanse facials are $25 for 30 minutes. You can include a half-hour massage for a relaxing hour long spa break. Please call 918-872-9211 to make an appointment.

V-Line Magic Therapy 

02 Lift


  • Cleanse twice, enzyme (if needed), Dermafile, lift skin cell serum, triple C & E serum, mask, Bio Elements serum, light moisturizer, with a neck and shoulder massage. 60 minutes -$120


  • Cleanse twice with seep eye-pads. Breathing Essential oils in, with a upper neck and shoulder massage then continues on the face. Cold stones are placed on or near pressure points. 60 minutes -$110

Customers can use our online booking system.

Add-on Skincare Treatments

Add-on treatments are available with facials for additional fees.