Facial Treatments


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Hug and Healing Facial

  • This is a gentle, hydrating, therapeutic service for those with compromised skin during cancer treatments to help nourish your soul and spirit.
  • All clients should plan on scheduling their treatment at least 7-14 days post chemo infusion or radiation treatment, unless otherwise specified by their physician.
  • Trained by Oncology Spa Soultions.

30 minutes -$25  Facial and Red light 60 minutes -$55


PureSculpt Facial

  • The PureSculpt Facial starts with wood therapy using our customized facial tools. This will rejuvenate your entire face by shrinking pores, reducing wrinkles, burning stored fat, diminish your double chin and give you an all natural facelift! Our Facial Ice consists of herb blends and other natural ingredients formulated specifically for the face. 50 minutes -$95

Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries originating in the oriental countries.  Wood therapy has evolved from using rough wood tools for more therapeutic purposes to smooth wood tools used for aesthetics.  In the 90s the country of Colombia perfected the tools to a smoother finish and developed unique technique for many kinds of therapies. The trendiest therapy is the wood therapy for aesthetic’s. This new technique contours the body with wood tools to improve the body’s appearance and aiding overall health.

  • 100% natural, non-invasive 
  • free of contraindications
  • activates lymphatic system
  • eliminates toxins
  • speeds up metabolism
  • breaks down cellulite
  • tones
  • tightens 
  • reduces sizes


  • Achieve the look of polished perfection without chemicals or machines. These resurfacing tools are made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds to shower your skin by hand and remove the top layer of  the epidermis that is the  dead skin. Ideal for all skin types for smoother, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and even scarring. Most popular and may combine with enzymes for better results ($10 extra) 60 minutes -$136

Oxygen 2 Infused 

The Power of Oxygen, clients who may suffer from Aging and Acne this is for you.  Increases protein which is responsible for transporting oxygen by 56%, helping to stimulate collagen and elastin and normalize stressors to prevent aging.  Oxygen is beneficial for treatment of acne, because it not only kills bacteria that leads to breakouts, this powerful anti flammatory and wound healing properties.

  • brightens and tightens
  • minimizes pores
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduce pigmentation
  • increase elasticity and firmness
  • reduce dull, uneven texture
  • plumps
  • lift and firms
  • anti-aging


  • Relieving head pressure do to migraine/tension or sinus pressure, this facial contains essential oils deep breathing, massaging shoulders, neck and face along the pressure points with cold marble stones to reduce swelling. 60 minutes -$106

Add-on treatments are available with facial treatments.

LED mitt -$45

Rejuvenating Legs -$35

Keratin Brow treatment -$65

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